Love Unraveled


When his family heard it, they went out to restrain him, for people were saying. “He has gone out of his mind. Mark 3:21

Jesus isn’t behaving with proper manners. He isn’t following good etiquette. He’s embarrassing his family. He’s gone berserker. He’s coming unraveled, at least so it seems. He’s flying too close to the sun of divine love…

They wanted to restrain him and send him to the asylum. It was too hard to bear, too dissonant a voice. The cry of the living God was inviting people to shed the burden of self-concern, to let go with complete abandon, and to venture out into the wilds of God’s kingdom armed with nothing but a passionate vision of life lived fully awake in love.

They eventually did restrain Jesus, on a cross, and when he asked his Abba to forgive the men who were executing him, they were stunned. “He really is crazy,” they thought. But the experience of the crucified Jesus left them marked, and they would never be the same again. No one walks away from that vision unscathed. Even restrained on the cross Jesus was widening the circle of his mothers, sisters, and brothers.

One thought on “Love Unraveled

  1. I have Love Unraveled interviews coming out with the worlds top love experts. We just came across this and just wanted to say hi.. Thank you for spreading love!

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